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Q. Can I pay with Western Union?

A. To pay using this option simply select mail-in payment during account setup and then notify our office after you complete the setup as instructed below.

DO NOT put a test question or any addionial information or we will not take the Western Union and will permanently ban you from using this form of payment.

You can pay using Western Union by sending payments of $100.00 or more to....

Allen delafuente
506 N Fraser Drive
Mesa, Az 85203

Anything less then a $100 we will not take, and will not apply it to your hosting bill.

After payment has been made reply back to this with....

What is the Money transfer control number? (MTCN)
What is the EXACT dollar amount sent? (do not sent less then $100 or we will not take it)
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your telephone?
What city is the money sent from?
What state is the money sent from?
What Country is the money sent from?

Make sure you email ** with all of the above information. If you forget one thing we will not apply payment to your account and will ban you from using western union again.

Payments over $900.00 US dollars will not be accepted using this method NO EXCEPTIONS!
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